Glest is made by a bunch of friends, most of them from Spain. If you wish to contact us, please send us an e-mail or post on the board.

In the order they joined the team:

Martiño Figueroa

Martiño Figueroa. Glest game, engine and tools coder.
MS in Computer Science by the University of Coruña.

José González

José González. Sound and Music.
Glest music composer and sound designer. Web.

Tucho Fernández

Tucho Fernández. 2D and 3D Artist Design.
Modeling, texturing, and animation of the 3D models of units, buildings and more. 3D & 2D online portfolio | ArtByTucho Blog.

José Zanni

José Zanni. 2D Artist and Web design.
Design of the logo, and 2D components of the game. Design and implementation of the website. Web developer | Josepzin Blog.

Matze Braun

Matze Braun. Linux port.
He ported Glest to SDL and OpenAL which enabled it to work under Linux and other operating systems.

Pantalla de Glest


Other people, although not currently involved, made valuable contributions to the project:

Félix Menéndez

Félix Menéndez. Artist and 3D Animator.
Created most of the character animations. E-mail

Marcos Caruncho

Marcos Caruncho. 3D Artist.
Creator of the 3D models for buildings in versions prior to 0.7, his work helped in export plugin testing and other things.

Last update 29/01/2020