Worker. Can harvest any resources and build or repair most structures. Very weak. Can not attack.
Technician. Can build war machines and the Aerodrome. Capable of harvesting gold and healing other units.


Swordman. Basic melee warrior. Average resistance, speed and attack to ground units. Can be upgraded to Guard.
Archer. Basic ranged warrior. Low resistance but good attack to ground and air. Weak against melee units.
Guard. Heavy melee warrior. Slow speed, highly resistant, and good attack to ground units.
Horseman. Fast melee warrior. High resistance and average piercing attack.

Mechanical devices

Catapult. Slow but equipped with a powerful attack that is especially effective against buildings.
Battle Machine. Ultimate ground unit, can perform devastating melee attacks. Very resistant. Can also attack air using a crossbow. Slow speed.
Ornithopter. Air unit, especially useful to counter other air units, but also able to attack to ground.
Airship. Heavy air unit. Devastating against ground units. Slow and unable to attack air-to-air.

Defensive structures

Defense Tower. Ground-to-ground and ground-to-air defensive unit.
Air Ballista. Anti-air defensive structure.

Farm units

Pig. Provides food so warriors don't die of hunger.
Cow. Provides more food but it is more expensive.

Town Structures

Castle. Main structure. Can store resources and produce Workers. Can upgrade Training Field.
Farm. Produces food and farm units.
Barracks. Produces human warriors.
Blacksmith. Upgrades weapons and shields. Required to build the Technodrome.
Technodrome. Produces Technicians.
Aerodrome. Produces air units. Can only be built by a Technician.


Training Field. Increases Barracks production speed and allows warriors to hold position.
Stables. Allow the production of Horsemen.
Shield Level 1. Increases Swordman, Guard and Horseman armor.
Shield Level 2. Further increases Swordman, Guard and Horseman armor.
Blade Weapons. Increases Swordman and Guard attacks.
Piercing Weapons. Increases Archer and Horsemen attacks.
Robotics. Allow the construction of Battle Machines and Airships.
Advanced Architecture. Allows the construction of defensive structures.
Last update 29/01/2020